#OccupyDemocracy #OccupyParliament and Activate Radio on Occupied Nation this week!


This Week on the Occupied Nation show we will have guests the Delightful Beaty Pea, Kiikii, and Sgtgingerchris who have been taking part in OccupyDemocracy hapening in Parliament Square in London, UK. We will also be talking about some of the upcoming changes to the radio station as it’s launch is coming up soon on Nov. 1st. We might even talk about Ebola, and the fear that is being wrought on the world as a result. Tune in Wed. night at 7pm eastern @ www.activatemedia.org .

A Rainy Day in Boston


Good Day to all of you! Yes it’s a rainy day in Boston. Due to a family emergency I’ve been away from the news cycle for a few days and am just catching up. Let me surmise what I’ve gotten so for with the news in the background while working on the transition to the new station…. ISIS ISIS ISIS, EBOLA EBOLA EBOLA, BREAKING NEWS! Fear Fear Fear! I can imagine that one might think that Breaking News was a program on the television as much as it gets exclaimed on certain cable networks. I can completely understand how some people can be more than overwhelmed. Meanwhile in Ferguson, Missouri people are converging this weekend after another death at the hands of an out of control police force.

To me, mass media can sometimes be a distraction. For many people that are not at all involved with social justice or activism, it can all seem so overwhelming, that there is no point that they can do anything that they feel will make a difference.  This is part of what is called Cognitive Dissonance. This is what makes many people tune out completely, or even deny that all the terrible things in the world right now are even happening. From my perspective, I cannot do much about the spread of Ebola, and I have no idea what one might do to stop ISIS, and the beheading that is constantly being reported.  I can say this about the threat of ISIS, if they wanted to come to the United States, or the UK or any western country and start randomly beheading people, how far do you really think that they would get? This is not to say that I am not concerned, even mortified by the atrocities. And I feel that there is more to the spread of Ebola than might meet the eye, but imagine the panic if people were to completely understood the dynamics of the evolving sickness that so many on the African continent have suffered from.

The truth of the matter is that people, no matter who they are, can make a difference. Maybe they cannot stop ISIS, or Ebola from an individuals standpoint, but they can effect what is happening in their own community at the least. Inside, all of us we view ourselves as noble and upstanding. Each one of us has different attributes and abilities. All of us either collectively or individually can ‘be the change’ that makes a difference in our own community. We can call out racism and demand justice where we see it. We can volunteer our skills to help an organization do its good collectively. We can also in our busy lives make a change by using our economic ability to fuel the abilities of others that are striving to make a better world. In order to make the changes that we all would like to see in the larger picture, we must first strive to organize and make the seemingly small changes in our society that through numbers and a change in consciousness make the larger changes that we all need!

In other news the transition of the station from OBR.fm to Activate Radio is going very well! We are planning our Launch Party for November 1st, and it looks to be an awesome night that I am looking forward to. The tickets are available in advance by making a $10 donation on the new Activate Radio webpage. Your name will go on a list at the door for entry. Even if you are not able to attend, it is a fundraiser to help us get started as an organization to serve communities worldwide. Also, if you’d like to volunteer at the station or make a more substantial donation, please send along an email to activatemedia01@gmail.com :)

Solidarity with all those fighting for real change!

Solidarity with all those in #Ferguson that are rallying for Justice!

Occupied Nation Show Returns for a New Season Wednesday Night



The Occupied Nation Show , which has been on hiatus for some months, is scheduled to return to the airwaves this Wednesday night in it’s new time slot at 7pm. The show has been on hiatus during the transformation of Occupy Boston Radio into Activate Radio. The new station is scheduled for a debut on September 27th, and is in the process of a complete restructuring with show host ‘Patrick ‘ as station manager. The show began broadcasting in early 2012 just after the Occupy Boston encampment was removed by Boston Police from Dewey Square in Boston, Massachusetts. The Occupied Nation Show has traditionally been based around news, activism and editorial perspective among activist luminaries in today’s culture of social unrest in the world.

The show, which takes aim at presenting an independent voice in media will cover a range of topics that effect the proletariat and marginalized communities throughout the world. “The show has covered everything from the oppression of Sudanese women, the abuse of female hotel workers, to the outing of the Boston Police Union. We don’t pull any punches, and tell it like it is.” Says the show’s host.

The Occupied Nation Show can be heard on Wednesday night’s at http://www.obr.fm until September 27th when the station will be celebrating the launch of Activate Radio. Press and other inquiries can be made at activatemedia01@gmail.com


photo credit: Steve Wollkind


Happy Independence Day; for what that’s worth.

Happy Independence Day! It’s ironic actually, celebrating independence day. I get the idea of nationalism and all. Seems like everything anymore is an opportunity to behave in a manner that manipulates and forces conformity among all of us. Unfortunately the same is going on in most countries across the globe. It’s happening in every level of society, even within activism, as well as organizations that say that they exist to fight against oppression. Fear, greed, jealousy… These are the things that are problems today, and were problems in 1776. These issues were also prevalent throughout recorded history, religions etc..
I encourage all of you to take a little gander at the Declaration of Independence today. No matter what nationality you are, or what corner of the world that you live in. Don’t the issues documented still exist? Whether we as a society label one group as bad or whatever other word we choose, don’t the problems still exist. As Americans (as if our country should claim the entire continent) how do we look as we celebrate our struggle for independence from tyranny, while manipulating, and striking fear in the hearts of innocent children as we murder their family members in cowardly drone strikes.  How do we look when we have an elected, representative government that caters only to the interest of of the financial giants of this world. How does it look when the news media that many of us depend upon isn’t really news, but propaganda!  Where do the masses find truth!!
Whether you are a leftie, a righty, a centrist or whatever, we can all agree that things are not just in the world. When a persons gender, color of skin, religion, or financial capability defines them, we as a species have a problem that is being ignored. These ugly problems generally get passed on to the next generation to try and solve. We have done this through all time.
I, as an individual do not have the answers to all of these problems, but am willing to admit that they are problems that we as a collective humanity must discuss, and at the very least start to attempt to resolve within our communities in order to create a better society that we can feel positive about passing off to the next generation to continue work upon to make this a better world for all.
 When I think of the words to a patriotic song ” let freedom ring”, I think about the most vulnerable in our own communities. What is freedom to them? I think about the family that gathers for a funeral in the middle east, only to be killed by hellfire rockets. I think about the activists that want a better world for their children, and are systematically hunted down. What is freedom to them?
Independence Day! Why are we celebrating when the job isn’t done. How are we all any different than George W. Bush standing on that deck of a aircraft carrier claiming ‘mission accomplished’. It might be easy to read this posting and say that my glass is half empty. In reality, my glass is overflowing. I see so much hope, so much opportunity, so much good in our society. It’s just that all that good gets drowned out by the thought collectively that we can’t. It gets drowned out by greed and fear.  I post this today because I believe that collectively and across all borders we can choose to do something better. Join me in this cause!
I am, because we are!
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It’s your help that is making our transition to Activate Radio possible!

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From it’s beginnings as a working group in Dewey Square, Occupy Boston Radio has been one of the longest functioning parts of the Occupy Movement. Occupy Boston started officially on September 30th 2011 through a series of twitter conversations that resulted in an encampment in the heart of the financial district of Boston, Massachusetts.

What began as a festival, the sharing of  ideas and common grievances, quickly became a desperate effort to survive police violence,  the elements and to protect a parcel of land that was intended for the use by the people of Boston to congregate and practice free speech. In the early hours of October 11th, 2011 the Boston Police Department raided a second parcel of the greenway that Occupy Boston had spilled into as a result of there not being enough room on the original parcel to hold all the people that had showed up to participate. The raid on October 11th has been described as an ‘orgy of violence’, and effectively changed the focus of the encampment from making a better world possible to one of fear. Our focus became solutions for winterization to protect those more vulnerable in our society, as well as fighting for our right to be able to express ourselves freely. On December 10th, 2011 the encampment in Dewey Square was evicted. In the hours before dawn, the Boston Police Department removed and bulldozed the camp.

It was December 10th, 2011 that Occupy Boston Radio began broadcasting. We had no expertise, nor did any of us have the benefit of an education in broadcasting. What we did have, was a belief that a better world is possible. So we began broadcasting a very diversified lineup of programming that we thought would fill a void that has been a vacuum in our society, a free and independent press. Alongside our comrades at ‘the Boston Occupier’, and with partial funding through Occupy Boston, we forged a studio space at encuentro 5. In the past almost three years, OBR.fm (Occupy Boston Radio), has been broadcasting original programming  by and for the 99%, with focus upon the voices of those marginalized in our society. We have broadcast directly from Occupy protests, held public forums, broadcast election coverage, and helped put together some decadent parties. We have participated in community events, and stayed true to the principles of the Occupy Movement.

As the crowds diminished at GA’s, and the social media buzz was waning around Occupy, we continued broadcasting. Through countless hours of learning and then doing we have spent enormous amounts of time and personal resources to continue . Along with the help of many members of the community, we have been able to survive though we face many challenges in doing so.

Some of us found something at Dewey Square. It wasn’t the drum circles, or the meals served to around a thousand people a day, or even the amazement on peoples faces as they experienced the oppression by our camp derelict. What we found was a dream and the ingenuity, or perhaps insanity to believe that we could accomplish this endeavor of building a viable independent radio station. Though our road has not been easy, we persevere to continue to build an independent media resource for all people. To build a resource that is centered around teaching, as well as expanding the voice of oppressed and marginalized people, and building our community. We envision an organization that will help others create their own media based organizations, and a media creation branch to support the success of those organizations. We also would like to become a larger resource for our own community, in helping our local worker and social justice organizations reach their own potential. We found our dreams of a better world in Dewey Square, and we found the many invisible people to our society. We also found forms of oppression that many of us didn’t even know existed. These dreams are what press us forward to to the realization that in fact, a better world is inevitable.

With our deep admiration, respect and solidarity for all Occupies across the globe, as well as the many organizations that have been, and are supportive of our efforts, we will realize the fruition of our efforts through the community that we strive to build. This will be accomplished through the cooperation and collaboration of many different groups and peoples.Through innovative funding, and the wisdom in our community, and just plain old elbow grease, OBR.fm will become an actual entity with Activate Radio. Much like the phoenix that rises out of the ashes, Activate Radio is the direct transition of OBR.fm. In order to accomplish this task we need two things, the expertise of our comrades, and the support of our community to realize our goals. To volunteer your skills be it physical or technical, please send a message to our email account activatemedia01@gmail.com.

To the 43,000+ people that liked Occupy Boston on social media, and played a very important role in allowing the voice of the 99% to be heard from 2011 on by supporting our efforts with financial contributions, we need you! We need you to look around yourself and make a quick assessment. Has the world we are all living in gotten any better since 2011? Has the need for independent media that represents the needs of all of us rather than the greed of a few gotten smaller? If your answers are No, Join Us! Step up again, and help us be able to accomplish our common goals! Go to the OBR.fm web page and donate to help us fund this endeavor.

When we are able to attain our goal of transitioning OBR.fm to Activate Radio, we look forward to celebrating our success with a Launch Party to kick off our next phase in building this community. We will within this next year embark on a conversion to a hybrid of video broadcasting, as well as adding shows from all corners of the world. With your help all of this isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable.

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Would you like to be a part of the Occupied Nation Show: Learning Opportunities!


As many of you know the Occupied Nation Show is going through a refit, as well as the station itself :) I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out for folks that might like to be involved in the show, whether it be on air, or behind the scenes. This is a great opportunity for you to learn, and practice skills needed to produce your own radio show. If interested, please send me a note either on FB or at this email address activatemedia01@gmail.com

Occupied Nation Show Volunteer Learning Opportunities:

  • Engineer for Show: Board. Video Streams, Google Hangout, Commentary, tag, and upload.

  • On-Air Personality: also send out social media during show.

  • On-Air Personality: Coordinate with any guests, two weekly blogs. One blog on current weeks show, another on a relevant subject.

  • Community Org Outreach. Music Coordination.