Would you like to be a part of the Occupied Nation Show: Learning Opportunities!


As many of you know the Occupied Nation Show is going through a refit, as well as the station itself :) I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out for folks that might like to be involved in the show, whether it be on air, or behind the scenes. This is a great opportunity for you to learn, and practice skills needed to produce your own radio show. If interested, please send me a note either on FB or at this email address activatemedia01@gmail.com

Occupied Nation Show Volunteer Learning Opportunities:

  • Engineer for Show: Board. Video Streams, Google Hangout, Commentary, tag, and upload.

  • On-Air Personality: also send out social media during show.

  • On-Air Personality: Coordinate with any guests, two weekly blogs. One blog on current weeks show, another on a relevant subject.

  • Community Org Outreach. Music Coordination.

1st Annual Activist Ball: a Celebration of the Spirit of Activism


The 1st Annual Activist Ball has been a success! Thanks to the collaboration with Sarah Francis, the creative and supportive efforts of community leaders, politicians, academia, local business, local organizations, regional and national activists, independent media, a host committee with clout, the abundant resourcefulness of Dan ‘the bagel man’ Kontoff . even a marching band with 8 ft. dancing puppets on stilts… We as OBR.fm/CAMP and encuentro 5, are now able to move forward with our efforts to make our community a better place for all.

I’d like to personally think Nadeem Mazen, Chris Faraone,  and Ayanna Pressley for their participation in our first Activist Ball, and would like also like to thank all the people that helped outside of the ball. It’s the unity, love, and hard work from all parts of the community that made this possible.

Attn: Activist Ball Volunteers

Activist Ball Flyer



We’ve gotten a heartwarming response to our call for Volunteers for the 1st Annual Activist Ball. Thanks for the offers of help we so appreciate it!!!

We have a volunteer conference call tonight for last minute needs, please feel free to join:

Wednesday 7pm-8pm:

Dial-in Number: 1-443-453-0034

Conference Code: 615664

And if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet. Go here to get them, as they are discounted for advance purchase!  Activist Ball Tickets

Again, Thank You so much to everybody for playing all the parts needed as a community to make this happen!


1st Annual Activist Ball Staff