About last night, etc.

Turning into quite the nice day out today! Just got in from having my most favorite food as of late, these really awesome Vietnamese sandwiches… The bread that was part of mine today was literally right out of the oven. But I keep thinking about last night and watching what I think was supposed to be an election, well recall i guess. I haven’t been on-line much today to read anyone else’s thoughts on it. The whole thing seems kinda odd to me. Isn’t 21% counted, and people waiting around blocks to vote a little early to call it? I was watching msnbc last night, and it seemed like ed schultz was a little suprised by it as well, when he was told in his earpiece during the broadcast.

 On one hand, maybe money won out after all. Maybe the 6 or 8 to one spending that was done just was able to sway more people to have a doubt in their mind about the governor.Maybe it was a difference in class, or perception of the people opposite, or maybe more republicans came out to vote. We cant spend all of today dwelling on last night, and tomorrow is just around the corner,

 But on the other hand, There were quite a few irregularities. There were the robo-calls telling people that if they’d signed the petition that it would count as their vote, and they needn’t show up. Then there was the announcing it a walker win when only 21% had been counted, and there were lines around blocks, people waiting to vote. Those coupled with the fact that there were major problems in recent history at the county level in regard to counting votes, and that walker is under investigation, and the department of justice was going to look over the election before it even happened. How does it go from record turnout to what we got? Plus, while watching it on tv last night, it seemed odd.. Too quick, too easy, and too affirmative. Felt a little like i was being sold something,

Either way, it was last night. We have to take our licks, and get going again, it’s what we do. We have got to end ‘citizens united’ asap, and also to institute campaign finance reform. It needs to be limited! Let the best woman or man win! And while were at it, how about fair taxation, fair wages, free speech, fair tuition, fair law enforcement, fair labor laws, fair immigration, fair lending, and last but certainly not least how about if we treat our veterans a little better. Just a thought.


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