Happy 4th of July

 I went downtown a while ago, well earlier this morning I guess. I was suprised to see how many people were out at 7am on a holiday.As I walked by the vetrans place i watched the police work crews, putting out all the barracades while a group of about fifty motorcycle-cops rode by.  As I glanced at the group of police suprvisors meeting across the street I immediately tried to remember if there was an occupy boston event that i had somehow forgotten, and then realized that the police weren’t in their black military garb, so it couldn’t be occupy.LOL, it was time to get a coffee 🙂

While we celebrate our independence in these United States, let’s remember what it’s supposed to mean. Let’s remember that we were taught in school about how this country declared it’s independence from oppression. Let’s remember those brave souls that stood up against any and all odds to make a better future for all. Let’s remember those that have sacrificed all to protect the basic freedoms of those around the world. And let us not forget those currently struggling for civil, economic, educational, health, human rights etc. around the world as I write this.And let’s strive in solidarity to yet again do something, to make this world a better place, if not for us, then for those generations not born yet. Let’s make a difference for those that wouldn’t know one.

Happy 4th, and God bless America. Let’s make her again, land of the free.


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