Apathy is not action

In today’s world many of us look to measure the success, or lack of it within our movements. We look at the amount of newscoverage, we count the amount of people that show up at an event, or even at a GA. Sometimes we get frustrated with our world, and look at the movement and use our individual perceptions as a tool of measurement of success or failure of the larger group. We have every right to choose to be supportive, or proactive based upon our perceptions of the movement, and what we perceive others may or may not have done.

In the end, after semantics, and after arguing the differences from each other, and trying to figure out who is on top and who is on the bottom, we are all still faced with the same looming problems. The longer that those in the 99% point fingers at each other the deeper the pit gets so to speak. Who will you blame after the pit is too deep? Who will the next generation blame? My belief, is that they would be told that this is the way it’s always been, and will know no difference.

You, however can do something. I can’t tell you what that something is, for we all have different innate abilities that can be utilized to make this a better world for all the people. It’s just up to each one of us as an individual to find that thing that we can do to make a difference. To be a difference!

In ten years, how will you look back at all of this? Will you smile, and think back proudly of the part that you played in the civil advancements of all the people? Or will you be the one that sat on the sideline, critiqueing others as they fight in the struggle for humanity. Each person has to look deeply within themselves to find this answer. I am not the one that will judge you, it is not my place. But you will be your own judge, and its up to you to decide.


3 Replies to “Apathy is not action”

  1. Love this article and you have spoken truly here my brother. I know that within the politics of the occupiers and activist here in my city. There has been much discord and ill will between various factions of what is supposedly a non hierarchical and leaderless movement. I do not self identify as a occupier in large part due to this issue and others. I was very active for a couple of months with occupiers her in my city and attended many events. In a capacity as a reporter and photographer for all things Occupy but it then through a series of GA’s and other functions it became apparent to me, that we where all playing the one up game or I have got more seniority game or I am better than you because of _______ or ______.. I felt in the end as if my voice and my idea’s were somehow not being heard or even at times acknowledged. Then it became my decision to walk away from being a part of Occupy. I no longer attend GA’s or any of the other events for occupiers here in my city but I still support occupiers online and I still have those I consider friends amongst the occupiers here, I did not quit advocating for human rights, civil rights and a better world for all of us. As you can see from my blog and such but I now consider myself as I considered myself before I ever physically got involved with the occupiers in my area. That I am a force of activism in my own right and through the power of the net and my contacts in the community. I can still work hard to bring positive change to the world around me. It is my hope that in the future I may find other like minded individuals in my city to join with me and begin a new force for direct and positive action in my city and community. Thank you for posting this and I wish you a great day and a bright tomorrow. Solidarity brother (The Socialist)

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