Please help

As movements go, as elections go, as life goes.. We the people that make up this great country live in fear.  We are working harder than ever before, for a paycheck that is far less than we have ever made. And that is for those of us that are lucky enough to have jobs that allow us to struggle to keep a roof over our heads at night. Many of us also spend into precious sleeping hours, our efforts to make this world a better place for all, to make a better future for those to come. Yet in our efforts there is also struggle.

When we see the innocent women, men, and children being gunned down in our streets by those that are chosen to protect us, we lose trust in a system run by those few that have so much more than all of us put together. With obstruction of the peoples will in the government, one that is supposed to be chosen by the people, yet uses voter suppression as a tool, many of us can believe that our efforts at a better world are pointless. We have to remember at these times that we are not alone. That there are many many of us, and when our efforts are combined we can make an impact. That wherever we are, there are others that are in the same situation in one way or another.

We need each other for survival, and we need each other for success. The only way that we can survive is through helping each other, and looking after one another. Please help OBradio in its transition into a new space. Help us continue to spread the many voices and viewpoints of the 99%. Most importantly, help us continue to build a stronger community of the people.


3 Replies to “Please help”

  1. So to make this story as short as possible because we’d rather be ON AIR!:

    OBRadio is looking to raise a minimum of $1500 and a reach level of $3000 for this move, these funds will go towards our future rent (which e5 sorely needs for the transition) and the build-out for our next studio. We are asking for what you can spare, skip the coffee one day in our name, drive the long way around and give us the toll money, shop at the thrift store and give us the cash for that new shirt, do the pbr & ps3 on the couch and tip us instead. What can you spare? Even $5 adds up! DONATE! We ask, we cajole & we promise to keep kicking out FREE RADIO! DONATE!

    Can’t spare the cash? We so understand that! Ways you can help us raise money!

    Host a house party! BBQ it up and pass the hat, every buck counts. And well it’s a party!
    Stick a donation jar at your desk at work. Discreet and okay with your boss. You’d be surprised.
    Help us make and sell some T-shirts. Everyone loves T-shirts!

    We are seeking 30 sustaining donors of $10 or more a month, in order to pay monthly expenses, broadcasting, internet, phone and services. Even the modest amount of $10 would help us in our operating costs and allow us to focus on our programming and outreach. DONATE!
    We could use some equipment for the new studio and the possible transition period. Could you possibly donate or lend us a mixer, microphone, mic stand or any other audio adapters and cords? (We love adapters!)
    We could also use:
    A few good hands (Moving and building out the new studio)
    Voices (Join the radio team)
    Problem Solvers (Become a producer and take on the most challenging job in radio! We dare you!)
    Tech Heads & Hackers (Yup folks who like to make programs sing, we want to use open source to our advantage, help us!!!)
    Writers (Tweet fab? blog better? Come write for us and help us show the world what we do!),

    Enough already go listen, explore our blog, take a spin around e5, read the testimony below from one of our members & tell us what you think about anything RADIO related at our email! Oh oh and please help us raise money to stay afloat! DONATE! Thanks for your time and support, we are nothing without you!


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