Republican and Tea-Party war on the American public


if you think about the actions of the republicans and their tea-party friends, there are some very interesting things to note. with all the wars that they as a group want to fight, it seems like they have a strong disliking for most all americans. take for example their war on women’s healthcare, and womens autonomy over their own bodies. this makes up 52-53% of the american public alone. their war on medicare and social security is about the baby boomers which are just now retiring, and make up the single largest demographic in american society. their war on unions is actually a war against organized workforces. unions are the only representation for a large number of working people in this country. and finally their war on public education, in which they seek a privitization of our public schools, which leads directly to the leaving behind of mostly children in minority communities and impoverished communities where homelessness, abuse and neglect, and addiction are at a very high rate.the children, the next generation, are truly the most valuable asset this country has, and the republicans and tea-partiers want to sell them down the river for a quick buck or two.

after alienating most of the population of this country, how do they win elections? with the help of citizens united (funny name for something that works against the citizens), they are able to raise billions from the robber barron’s of our society, with which they go on a spending orgy of hate, in campaigns utilizing yellow journalism. they suppress the vote of the elderly, and promote racism within this country.

i can tell you for a fact that many of those that the republican party used to depend upon called the moderates are now giving what they can to the democratic party, it isn’t as much as what the 1% are able to give to the likes of karl rove etc., but this election will be a vote on the conscience of america. a vote for, or against humanity.


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