Hurricane Sandy (updated)


What a storm that was yesterday! Still feeling the effects of it today, in fact a remnant of ‘sandy’ just blew through here with unbelievable wind. I spent the day tweeting and facebooking what was happening. I have to say that I saw something that I hadn’t seen in a while. I saw people putting aside differences, and considering the needs of others. It was a short moment that reminded me of the two day so after 9/11 that as a nation, we were as one. One nation, indivisible. Devoid of campaign slogans, No attacks against the autonomy of a woman over her body, no poll results.. Although there were those that wondered aloud whether ‘Sandy’ would effect the election, most people were generally concerned with the well being of both loved ones and strangers. President Obama put aside the campaign for the time to do what the american people expect their president to do, and more. Upon visiting his website for fundraising, one was redirected to the red-cross page to make a donation to the disaster relief. I couldn’t help but think about all the first responders during this storm, and their selfless dedication to doing a job that no matter what, had to be done. I thought about all the union members that are in the ranks of first responders, and the comments that some in our society make on a regular basis about the unions that protect the safety, and job security of these workers.

Later in the evening as we all watched the storm make landfall, I thought to myself about the silence during these elections, on the subject of climate change.. If this isn’t a wakeup call, I’ve no idea what one would be. I understand how the environmental question is one without easy answers, but if we collectively keep doing what we are doing in this world, it will cease to exist in the way we are accustomed to. Natural disasters are going to keep happening with more frequency, and get worse. My question is how bad does it really need to get?

At the rate we are experiencing natural disasters, i would like to see us as members of the occupy movement be able to lend a hand in the event of another event like yesterday. We come from all walks of life, and I’d imagine there are alot of us that are first-responders. Maybe we can learn some things from them to be of help as a group in the future. Just a thought.

While i am not a fan of the yankees, I am a fan of New York, and it’s people. I sincerely hope that those that say that ‘Sandy’ wasn’t that big of a deal, think for a second about all of the families in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut etc. that lost so much yesterday, and think about all those that are without electricity this evening. Even more importantly think about all of those souls that are more vulnerable on a daily basis to things like this. The people we all walk past every day and disregard. As I look at the damage in NYC, and New Jersey, I can’t help but be reminded very much of ‘Katrina’ and the carnage that was wrought in New Orleans.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in the many states effected by ‘Sandy’, and I urge you all to donate a few dollars to the red cross relief effort. Listen in to the show on thursday evenings on from 5-8pm est.. We will be talking about ‘Sandy on this weeks show, along with all the other news of the week, OccupyBoston events, as well as this weeks segment on Occupy’s demands. The discussion about demands is an open one, and will be with a panel of occupiers. Tune in thursday!  Peace Love and Solidarity……



Here is a link to an article on how Occupy is helping  with the fallout from Hurricane Sandy. If you would like to help Occupy help the victims of this catastrophe, there are instructions on how you can help:)

Occupy Sandy: Occupy Wall Sreet helps


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