Wal-Mart Walkout huge success for 99% and working poor!

Although at the time of this posting ‘Black Friday’ is not officially over, we can call the Wal-Mart  walkout on Black Friday a huge success for the 99%. Today Wal-Mart workers in 46 states walked off the job, and were greeted and supported by thousands in solidarity with them. Incoming are stories of priests being arrested standing with the people, congressmen standing in picketlines with the people, even a press release from the heir to the walton fortune stating suprise over the situation, and showing support for the workers. Wal-Mart through the day has been desperately trying to minimalize the results of the walkout, and public support on their website, while by some reports economic forecasters have been reporting that there will be over a 1% drop in revenue in this shopping season as a result of the public outcry to working conditions at Wal-Mart, as well as multiple other chains for making employees work on holidays to maximize profits, and general working conditions.

This has been a coalition between workers, unions, occupy, and the general public to make a larger statement about corporate greed, and making record profits on the backs of the working poor. The battle may be well on it’s way to beinng won, but the war against economic inequality, the foundation of the occupy movement has only begun. Many have questioned “what happened to occupy” after the camps were brutally disbanded last winter across the country. The answer to that question is simple. Occupy is everywhere, it did not disappear in the face of militarized police brutality. The 99% survived the loss of the camps, and has built networks around the world, and continues to fight for economic equality, and dignity for all peoples.

We welcome your comments, and tune in for the ‘Occupied Nation’ show on thursdays 5-8pm EST @ http://www.obr.fm radio by the 99%, for the 99%.


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