A Second Bill of Rights?


A Second Bill of Rights? This was actually proposed in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s January 11th, 1944 State of the Union speech. Roosevelt stated that  “political rights proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.” In hindsight, it’s easy to see that even though attempts have been made to address some of the issues in this second bill of rights, our society is failing to facilitate economic equality or freedoms. The Social Security Act, Unemployment Insurance, ADC. Food Stamps, Federal Minimum Wage, etc., all are attempts to provide a safety net, but all have been under attack in the decades old class warfare on the 99%.

One fairly common misguided critique of the ‘Occupy’ movement was that they didn’t have a clear message. This is far from the truth. ‘Occupy’ had many different messages. As diverse as the participants in the movement, are the issues effecting them, as are the tactics employed to accomplish their goals.

Through disinformation, suppression of first amendment rights, agent provocateurs, and physical violence perpetrated on ‘Occupy’ , some of the spirit has been subdued. Logic dictates however that the more the majority of the people are oppressed, the more will realize their right to change the constitution to reflect the needs of the majority, rather than the profits of a few.

Perhaps a second bill of rights to address economic inequalities is needed. Dare the majority of the people demand a third bill of rights to address any other issues?


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