The Era of Corporate Colonialism

The Progressive Cynic

© Josh Sager – August 2013

 Dollar Flying on Flagpole

In the past, nation-states have set up colonial outposts in less powerful areas of the world in order to build their empire. Colonies facilitated trade, acted as military outposts, and allowed the colonial powers to siphon resources from the indigenous populations.

Such colonial empires formed during the expansion of the 1500s and were sustained by numerous European nations—including the British colonies which eventually became the United States—until the mid-1900s, by which time a variety of geopolitical factors (ex. revolts, over-extension, etc.) had led most “empires” to dissolve.

While colonialism by nations has decreased across the world, it appears that an era of corporate colonialism is upon us. Unlike in the past—when nations would set up physical empires—giant multi-national corporations have started to set up de-facto empires across multiple sovereign nations. This new era of corporate colonialism will be characterized by giant corporate interests…

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