The Evolution of to Activate Radio: This Thursday on the Occupied Nation Show





Over 90% of all media in the United States is owned and controlled by 6 Corporations. When we speak of media, that covers a lot of ground. It’s movies, music, radio, newspapers, magazines, television, signs, advertisements, and much of the internet. That’s power! It’s everywhere we look, from the moment you open your eye’s to the one you close them. Every one of us is captive to it. It’s what tells us whats cool, and what isn’t, or how we can make ourselves happier. It’s a big reason that we experience classism, racism, and sexism. Instead of bringing us together, it separates us. Not only is the content that is available controlled by those 6 corporations, but the way that it is delivered as well.

It’s not just the direct things, whether you should buy this automobile, or that personal device. It’s also about how different groups perceive each other, or different people’s roles in society. It’s about the way that facts are presented, and sometimes misrepresented.

Independent Media gives a voice to those nameless and faceless millions that are so directly effected by the power of mass media that is available for purchase by those with privilege.

My friend and colleague Sarah Francis will join us this week to discuss the importance of indie media, and’s evolvement into Activate Radio.  We will also be talking about the upcoming ‘Activist Ball‘, a highly anticipated event featuring Chris Faraone as it’s emcee. Tune in Thursday evening 7-10pm est on


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