OBR.fm and encuentro 5 ask for your Support of the Activist Ball

Activist Ball Flyer


We the Volunteers that make up OBR.fm, a radio station started from a working group of Occupy Boston, compelled by our personal convictions, missions and values, wish to express our deepest admiration, respect and solidarity with all members past and present of all Occupies Worldwide. We also express the same to all of the organizations that have been so supportive of our efforts. In taking the next step in our evolution as activists, and as organizations, encuentro 5 and OBR.fm/CAMP ask for your support in making the 1st Annual Activist Ball a success.
Over the past few years, we have been successful in raising issues of fundamental importance to all of us, and have truly changed the discussion in our communities, but many of the issues remain. We need your help so that we may continue our missions to give the people the tools to make the needs of many outweigh the greed of a few.

Please help to support  encuentro 5 and CAMP/OBR.fm in making the 1st Annual Activist Ball a success, by purchasing tickets or making a donation on our Eventbrite Page.


If you can attend the Activist Ball It is Saturday January 25th from 7pm til 11pm at Spontaneous Celebrations at 45 Danforth St. Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts!


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