Happy Independence Day; for what that’s worth.

Happy Independence Day! It’s ironic actually, celebrating independence day. I get the idea of nationalism and all. Seems like everything anymore is an opportunity to behave in a manner that manipulates and forces conformity among all of us. Unfortunately the same is going on in most countries across the globe. It’s happening in every level of society, even within activism, as well as organizations that say that they exist to fight against oppression. Fear, greed, jealousy… These are the things that are problems today, and were problems in 1776. These issues were also prevalent throughout recorded history, religions etc..
I encourage all of you to take a little gander at the Declaration of Independence today. No matter what nationality you are, or what corner of the world that you live in. Don’t the issues documented still exist? Whether we as a society label one group as bad or whatever other word we choose, don’t the problems still exist. As Americans (as if our country should claim the entire continent) how do we look as we celebrate our struggle for independence from tyranny, while manipulating, and striking fear in the hearts of innocent children as we murder their family members in cowardly drone strikes.  How do we look when we have an elected, representative government that caters only to the interest of of the financial giants of this world. How does it look when the news media that many of us depend upon isn’t really news, but propaganda!  Where do the masses find truth!!
Whether you are a leftie, a righty, a centrist or whatever, we can all agree that things are not just in the world. When a persons gender, color of skin, religion, or financial capability defines them, we as a species have a problem that is being ignored. These ugly problems generally get passed on to the next generation to try and solve. We have done this through all time.
I, as an individual do not have the answers to all of these problems, but am willing to admit that they are problems that we as a collective humanity must discuss, and at the very least start to attempt to resolve within our communities in order to create a better society that we can feel positive about passing off to the next generation to continue work upon to make this a better world for all.
 When I think of the words to a patriotic song ” let freedom ring”, I think about the most vulnerable in our own communities. What is freedom to them? I think about the family that gathers for a funeral in the middle east, only to be killed by hellfire rockets. I think about the activists that want a better world for their children, and are systematically hunted down. What is freedom to them?
Independence Day! Why are we celebrating when the job isn’t done. How are we all any different than George W. Bush standing on that deck of a aircraft carrier claiming ‘mission accomplished’. It might be easy to read this posting and say that my glass is half empty. In reality, my glass is overflowing. I see so much hope, so much opportunity, so much good in our society. It’s just that all that good gets drowned out by the thought collectively that we can’t. It gets drowned out by greed and fear.  I post this today because I believe that collectively and across all borders we can choose to do something better. Join me in this cause!
I am, because we are!
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