Occupied Nation Show Returns for a New Season Wednesday Night



The Occupied Nation Show , which has been on hiatus for some months, is scheduled to return to the airwaves this Wednesday night in it’s new time slot at 7pm. The show has been on hiatus during the transformation of Occupy Boston Radio into Activate Radio. The new station is scheduled for a debut on September 27th, and is in the process of a complete restructuring with show host ‘Patrick ‘ as station manager. The show began broadcasting in early 2012 just after the Occupy Boston encampment was removed by Boston Police from Dewey Square in Boston, Massachusetts. The Occupied Nation Show has traditionally been based around news, activism and editorial perspective among activist luminaries in today’s culture of social unrest in the world.

The show, which takes aim at presenting an independent voice in media will cover a range of topics that effect the proletariat and marginalized communities throughout the world. “The show has covered everything from the oppression of Sudanese women, the abuse of female hotel workers, to the outing of the Boston Police Union. We don’t pull any punches, and tell it like it is.” Says the show’s host.

The Occupied Nation Show can be heard on Wednesday night’s at http://www.obr.fm until September 27th when the station will be celebrating the launch of Activate Radio. Press and other inquiries can be made at activatemedia01@gmail.com


photo credit: Steve Wollkind



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