A Rainy Day in Boston


Good Day to all of you! Yes it’s a rainy day in Boston. Due to a family emergency I’ve been away from the news cycle for a few days and am just catching up. Let me surmise what I’ve gotten so for with the news in the background while working on the transition to the new station…. ISIS ISIS ISIS, EBOLA EBOLA EBOLA, BREAKING NEWS! Fear Fear Fear! I can imagine that one might think that Breaking News was a program on the television as much as it gets exclaimed on certain cable networks. I can completely understand how some people can be more than overwhelmed. Meanwhile in Ferguson, Missouri people are converging this weekend after another death at the hands of an out of control police force.

To me, mass media can sometimes be a distraction. For many people that are not at all involved with social justice or activism, it can all seem so overwhelming, that there is no point that they can do anything that they feel will make a difference.  This is part of what is called Cognitive Dissonance. This is what makes many people tune out completely, or even deny that all the terrible things in the world right now are even happening. From my perspective, I cannot do much about the spread of Ebola, and I have no idea what one might do to stop ISIS, and the beheading that is constantly being reported.  I can say this about the threat of ISIS, if they wanted to come to the United States, or the UK or any western country and start randomly beheading people, how far do you really think that they would get? This is not to say that I am not concerned, even mortified by the atrocities. And I feel that there is more to the spread of Ebola than might meet the eye, but imagine the panic if people were to completely understood the dynamics of the evolving sickness that so many on the African continent have suffered from.

The truth of the matter is that people, no matter who they are, can make a difference. Maybe they cannot stop ISIS, or Ebola from an individuals standpoint, but they can effect what is happening in their own community at the least. Inside, all of us we view ourselves as noble and upstanding. Each one of us has different attributes and abilities. All of us either collectively or individually can ‘be the change’ that makes a difference in our own community. We can call out racism and demand justice where we see it. We can volunteer our skills to help an organization do its good collectively. We can also in our busy lives make a change by using our economic ability to fuel the abilities of others that are striving to make a better world. In order to make the changes that we all would like to see in the larger picture, we must first strive to organize and make the seemingly small changes in our society that through numbers and a change in consciousness make the larger changes that we all need!

In other news the transition of the station from OBR.fm to Activate Radio is going very well! We are planning our Launch Party for November 1st, and it looks to be an awesome night that I am looking forward to. The tickets are available in advance by making a $10 donation on the new Activate Radio webpage. Your name will go on a list at the door for entry. Even if you are not able to attend, it is a fundraiser to help us get started as an organization to serve communities worldwide. Also, if you’d like to volunteer at the station or make a more substantial donation, please send along an email to activatemedia01@gmail.com 🙂

Solidarity with all those fighting for real change!

Solidarity with all those in #Ferguson that are rallying for Justice!


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