A Letter from Patrick (host of the Occupied Nation show)



Just a little update for you all on the Occupied Nation Show. As you all probably know the radio station has been going through some changes, and has now become Activate Radio, a part of Activate Media! During the process of this transition My concentration and focus has been upon the station, and the rebuilding of it. The goal is to create an enduring and sustainable independent media source that give voice to social justice, activism, the marginalized and oppressed peoples of the world, illustrating perspectives from across the globe. There are many things to come in the future from this endeavor. I cannot begin to express to you how much work has gone into this, but as they say, anything worthwhile isn’t easy. The help of my comrades past and present has made our progress possible. We need some volunteers to sustain the momentum that we are currently enjoying. If you, or someone you know has skills that might be helpful in our continued progress, please contact me using any of the methods in my signiture below.

The plan is for the Occupied Nation Show to get a fresh refit, and needs a little help in the production of it. This means a refresh of the Occupied Nation Show’s webpage, as well as adding some more personalities behind the scenes as well as in front. This will give the opportunity to learn what goes into the production of a radio show from the ground up, and can be beneficial to starting one’s own show in the future. If you have some interest in being a part of this, get in touch.

I thank each and every one of you who has given support to all of this over the past years, and look forward to our continued progress!

Peace Love and Solidarity,

Patrick Wilson
Executive Director
Activate Media
9A Hamilton Place
Boston, MA 02108
p: (617)506-9298
e: patrickwilson@activatemedia.org
w: www.activatemedia.org

photo credit: Rikki’s Refuge


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