Life on the Ground in Gaza





by: patrick wilson

In the past year since the war on the Gaza Strip the media spotlight has left, and there has been an election in Israel. This week on the Occupied Nation Show we discuss the landscape today in Gaza, and what life is like having Netanyahu as a neighbor. Our guest is Marwan Wadi, a 22 yr. old man trained as a nurse but fills so many roles in his community. There is a short video below featuring his work.

We also have Kiikii as a guest on this weeks show with a report on the protests this past weekend in London. Kiikii is a host on Wave of Action UK a weekly chat show on Activate Radio that airs on Thursday afternoons at 1pm eastern.  Sarah Elizabeth, an activist from Boston will also be joining us to talk about the upcoming Monsanto Marches! We will be featuring the musical stylings of Ad Frank, a musical artist from Boston, and will also be joined on the show by Alex Freeman(writer/fifth column) and Greta Camuso(activist).

Tune in Wed. Nights @ 7 pm eastern on Activate Radio

And Stay tuned after the show for the Young Jurks @ 9 pm eastern.


photo credit: CODEPINK Women For Peace


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