This week’s Occupied Nation Show May 20th 2015 – Listen Here!



In the UK this past week, David Cameron and his Conservative Party won the election with 63% of the population voting against them. In the time since, protests have been popping up all over the British Mainland. The people of England are protesting not only the results of the election, but the ‘Austerity’ cuts promised by Prime Minister Cameron and his Party. The broad cuts are said to include NHS, the National Rail, Pensions, Food, and Housing. On last weeks show we featured an interview with a person who was at the protest in London last weekend. We will be discussing this further this week on the show! Also on this weeks show we will have guest Sumumba Sobukwe (OWS, Occu-Evolve) will be discussing Occupy: Past. Present and Future, as well as his upcoming speaking tour! Alex Freeman joins us again this week to discuss his article  ‘Banks Admit to Libor Guilt, But the Plea is a Bargain‘ (in The Fifth Column),  and we will also have information for you on the upcoming March Against Monsanto!



Tune In on Wednesday Night 7pm eastern @



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