Good Morning World! 11 day’s left in 2015! Tic-Tock

by: patrick wilson

Good Morning World!  11 day’s left in 2015! Tic-Tock, I really hate that myself, but can’t find a better expression really, because it’s what many of us feel at the moment for so many reasons. Whether it’s financial, family, or the overwhelming saturation of injustice in our society, we are all feeling it.  Trust that you aren’t alone.

Star Wars is out, and I’ve actually been able to avoid the spoilers I’ve heard are out there. I don’t know how much longer I’ll wait to go though 🙂 Hillary Clinton even referred to it in the Democratic debates last night. Much like many others I find myself questioning whether I’ll identify as a Democrat personally from here. I do not support or have any confidence in the leadership at the DNC at this point. In the interest of transparency, I have been involved in that process in the past. I do believe that the best step forward is to encourage new candidates, no matter what party they run as. If the process itself is filled with new blood, people with agendas that come directly from the constituents that are affected by them, then representation in lower levels of government can be acheived. The key here to me is more ‘by the people, and for the people’, not Corporations and Super-Rich.

In this next year, I will be working in cooperation with others to help encourage fresh ideas and fresh candidates that bring diversity to the way we are represented/governed. Four years ago many of us gathered for a conversation, and we collectively said something, very loudly in fact. It’s time now to do something. What’s in your plan for 2016 and how are you going to make a difference?

We are all brothers and sisters. Let’s build a world that allows us all to treat each other a little more like it. 🙂

I was checking out this video from Tanglewood here in Massachusetts back in 1970 🙂 Really really good band before they jumped the shark, in my opinion. Love the horns 🙂

Peace love and Solidarity


video courtesy of Chicago on MV on youtube. I do not own the rights to this nor claim them.


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