Marijuana in Massachusetts: An Assault in Progress

By: Patrick Wilson

With Marijuana now legal in Massachusetts, Bob Deleo and cronies are spending the weekend trying to figure out how much corruption they can inject into the mix as well as jacking the tax rate to an unaffordable level.

I personally am still excited about the idea of the homegrow. I find myself wondering which of the communities that make up Boston will grow ‘Bostons Finest’. I’m wondering what unique environmental factors will make the marijuana grown in Massachusetts stand apart from the rest? With the socioeconomic and racial divides that exist and are expanding under our current state and municipal administrations I feel that communities like Newton, Wellesley and Cambridge may have an unfair advantage. I also believe that innovation will take place somehow to make it possible for Boston’s forgotten communities to grow something magical 🙂  I’m imagining something from Mattapan, Roxbury or Dorchester.

Unfortunately, Charlie Baker, Bob Deleo and Marty Walsh seem to be doing everything they can to delay and fix the system so that people of color and other marginalized groups have no access or seat at the table when it comes to marijuana in Massachusetts.

The good news is that right now, you do have a voice. You have an opportunity to speak up and demand that the consumers and patients are considered and put before huge corporate interests. Here’s what you can do today!

Please call your local state representatives and senators and tell them

1. don’t jack the tax

3. don’t touch homegrows

3. don’t allow city opt-out without voter approval

People can look up who their representatives and senators are at this link:


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