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The Occupied Nation Show airs Monday Nights at 7 pm on Activate Radio activatemedia.org

Occupied Nation began in 2012 on Occupy Boston Radio, and now on Activate Radio activatemedia.org. The show is centered around politics/social justice issues that affect people worldwide as well as in Boston Massachusetts.

Right now, I’m looking to use the show in several ways.

The mission is always the same – To decrease human suffering and to promote human values of equality and justice.

I wish to create needed elements of content for the radio station, and in the future both reference and current content for emerging technology.

I want to create strengthened channels of communication at a hopefully more organized level.

I wish to create opportunities for ‘Guest Co-Host’s, and Guest-Host’s’ as a step toward creating their own show.

The better I can make this show, the better other shows can be created.

Patrick Wilson is the host of the Occupied Nation Show and the executive director of Activate Media.

Tonight on the Occupied Nation Show!

Tonight at 7PM ET on the Occupied Nation Show we’ll be taking a trip back to 2013. You can listen to the show on Activate Radio.

The show has gone through many changes and was up to  4 hours at one point. Granted there was a lot more music thrown in then as I was doing much of the evening’s programming. At that point, I treated it more like a radio shift with interviews, music and news. I just had my own show to concentrate on then.

For tonight’s show, I’m pulling out interviews with Mark Bray and John Fairhurst. I believe this is the first time I’d met John Fairhurst.

Mark Bray talks about his new book ‘Translating Anarchy’, and an event at Encuentro 5 he was speaking at. John Fairhurst and I discuss Marijuana Legalization, local District 7 city council elections, Anonymous and the Million Mask March and life.

I hope that you enjoy this as much as I did.

Peace Love and Solidarity


Yes, friends, it seems true. Rage Against The Machine is reuniting for a series of shows across the southern border of the United States. In a post on insta, an unverified account posted a “single new post that listed tour dates, implying that the activist rap rock band was back, and that they were playing Coachella. A RATM fan account somehow knew about it and said it was real.”

The RATM tour dates:
El Paso, TX March 26, 2020
Las Cruces, NM March 28, 2020
Phoenix, AZ March 30, 2020
Indio, CA April 10, 2020
Indio, CA April 17, 2020

After going from 0- 126k followers, the account is now verified. As is the fact that Rage is playing Coachella this year.  If you follow and read the articles linked and the links from there you will find statements by both #ChuckD and # BReal regarding #ProphetsofRage, the #RATM offshoot.

I know that most of us will have no opportunity to see #RATM.   Here’s the Woodstock 99 set. How many of you watched this live?

Peace Love and Solidarity Peoples 🙂