Occupied Nation


The Occupied Nation show airs every Thursday Night at 8 pm on Activate Radio activatemedia.org

Occupied Nation has been broadcasting since 2012 on Occupy Boston Radio, and now on Activate Radio activatemedia.org. The show is centered around politics/social justice issues that affect people worldwide.

Patrick Wilson is the host of the Occupied Nation Show as well as being the executive director of Activate Media.


Saturday Morning Chat 11/4/2017

Saturday Morning chat and discussion about the state of radio in the boston area and beyond.


City of Boston Election 2017

Boston! General municipal election is November 7, 2017. Polling locations across the City open from 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Get voter information on your voting location, polling location changes and more.



Occupied Nation Show 1052017

Occupied Nation Show 10/5/2017

Guest David Concepcion and I talk about whats happening in Puerto Rico and the Las Vegas Massacre.



You Belong, You are Not Alone, Solidarity #S30 Happy Birthday Occupy Boston!

It’s 6 Years today!

Happy Birthday, Occupy Boston 🙂

Solidarity with all those working to make the world a better place! Six years later we live in a world just as dire. for some much more so. Let’s continue the discussion, and help each other to make a brighter day.




The cray cray today.. Sept. 25th 2017

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