Good Morning! 5-25 Memorial Day

Good Morning Peoples

How’s the long weekend treating you all? I hope that all of you are safe distancing and wearing facial covering when out. I see a lot of people not wearing them and being careless with other’s lives.

Beaches open in Massachusetts today, but with the rainy weather I don’t think we’ll see nearly as many people at the beach today as normal. There are also many other things opening in Massachusetts today.  Personally, I’m going to stay in and away from all the crowds, and also stay away from some of the places that are opening for a while longer. I don’t believe it’s a good idea to open things like they are. So I’m gonna wait and watch, and let the businesses deal with all the crazy of adapting and dealing with the people that would just as soon infect us all rather than inconveniencing themselves a little.  It’s going to be interesting to see what things look like in two or three weeks.

Shop Smart! Many of us have a few dollars that we didn’t have before. Please be careful, and realize that pricing is gonna be willy nilly funky. I’ve already noticed that the already overpriced $10 to eat anything as a meal is quickly becoming $20 no matter what. As much as you feel this is a nice thing to do, do you really wish to have that new pricing be the new norm? What happens when the stimulus sunsets and people have to depend on underpaying jobs in order to sustain themselves. Can they afford to pay twice as much for what often times now is less a meal.  This is just one example. I’m not saying don’t spend money, just spend money smart.

I want to be prepared to survive through next winter if things don’t go so well with trumps plan over the next few months, and also to prepare for what will most likely be the biggest fight in our lifetime with the 2020 election, or whatever happens with it.

I hope you are all well, safe and sound. People will be acknowledging Memorial Day this afternoon at 3:00 pm ET with ‘Taps’ being played across the country.

Peace Love and Solidarity

Be Safe!

5-24 Good Morning :)

Good Morning! 🙂

It’s the middle of Memorial Day Weekend.  Typically a time we honor those heroes that have fallen in the line of duty on behalf of their country. Many folks get it a little mixed up with Veterans Day, which is not focused on just those that have fallen.

It’s hard to ignore the incredible loss our nation is suffering as I write this.  If you’ve ever experienced loss of a loved one, you know that there are just no words that can describe that pain. I don’t think we realize the extent of COVID-19, but we will once we try to recapture what we think is a normal life, partly in that we will then notice what’s missing. The people in our neighborhoods, the businesses that will stay closed, the jobs that don’t come back, and the beginning of a second wave of coronavirus will bring a new reality making these the good old days.