Occupied Nation Show Monday 10-7-2019


Occupied Nation Show Monday 10-7-2019

This text will more than likely be edited a bit as we go.

Here’s Monday’s show. 🙂 Wendy Love-Edge is my guest, and we talk about mental health as it relates to activism and really all of us.    Enjoy!


Good Morning! 9/24/2019

Good Morning! 9/24/2019

I slept in this morning and am getting a nice slow start. Still drinking my coffee, usually doing this at 4 or 5. Producing the show is starting to come together. It will get easier as time goes. I need to look for an adaptor that I only have one of, so that I can hook a second computer up to the mixing board. This should allow for better transitions of media. In producing prerecorded shows you have the ability to edit things and make it sound perfect, live is different, things need to be cued and ready to go from multiple sources. Ideally, they should both sound the same. This is also the beauty of doing live, it’s more human and less perfect. The other thing to take into consideration is that in most other situations (commercial and pay to play) there is an engineer to put things together during the course of the show. 
It’s been a few years since I’ve done much live broadcasting. I’m working to streamline things so that I may teach a couple other people, and expand what we do dramatically. My thought at the moment is to continue to upgrade the equipment that I am using and put together a setup for another person to join.
I’ve had several people ask me about when we are going to be doing our fundraising, and if we needed money. I’m very happy to report that we at this point don’t plan on doing any fundraising for Activate Media this fall or the rest of this year. Even though in our beginnings as Occupy Boston Radio we were referred to as “too expensive’ by adversaries within the movement, we have proved this model to be sustainable. Our website hosting is provided by LeftClick, and I have picked up some extra work to cover other costs.
We are not owned by corporations, and have complete freedom in our rights and abilities to present diverse and marginalized perspectives. We are not a ‘Pay To Play’ radio station and do not charge host’s to broadcast their shows. We also do not have any paywalls to hinder visitors to our site or listeners to our station. We are not a Blog, Vlog or Podcast site. We are a Radio Station and Magazine that is online and accessible from anywhere in the world. 
While Activate Media won’t be doing any fundraising for the foreseeable future, I would like to ask that if you appreciate this project, and want to see it continue to flourish, that you support the shows that we broadcast, and the writers and organizations that provide content for Activate Magazine. That you continue to listen to the shows on the radio station and read the articles that are on the website. And that you share those articles through your social media accounts to help us build a stronger community.
I’m not perfect, but I’ve been working on this project for years. I believe in it. I think you do too if you’re reading this. I’d like to thank you for your belief and support in this project.  There many more of us than them. If we all move any direction together, there isn’t anything that can stop us. The key is ‘together’.