This week’s Occupied Nation will be a previously aired show

This week’s Occupied Nation will be a previously aired show. With the transition starting at E5, there is a lot of packing, and sorting going on. Many are taking on huge levels of responsibility as we negotiate this move. At the moment does not know where it is going, neither does E5. does not have a place to broadcast from moving forward. This concerns me quite a bit, but I and others are doing all we can to find solutions to this immediate issue. If anyone can be of help, in any way, please do. You’re help could help us continue to broadcast the voice of the 99%.

Please help

As movements go, as elections go, as life goes.. We the people that make up this great country live in fear.  We are working harder than ever before, for a paycheck that is far less than we have ever made. And that is for those of us that are lucky enough to have jobs that allow us to struggle to keep a roof over our heads at night. Many of us also spend into precious sleeping hours, our efforts to make this world a better place for all, to make a better future for those to come. Yet in our efforts there is also struggle.

When we see the innocent women, men, and children being gunned down in our streets by those that are chosen to protect us, we lose trust in a system run by those few that have so much more than all of us put together. With obstruction of the peoples will in the government, one that is supposed to be chosen by the people, yet uses voter suppression as a tool, many of us can believe that our efforts at a better world are pointless. We have to remember at these times that we are not alone. That there are many many of us, and when our efforts are combined we can make an impact. That wherever we are, there are others that are in the same situation in one way or another.

We need each other for survival, and we need each other for success. The only way that we can survive is through helping each other, and looking after one another. Please help OBradio in its transition into a new space. Help us continue to spread the many voices and viewpoints of the 99%. Most importantly, help us continue to build a stronger community of the people.