Occupied Nation Show 1052017

Occupied Nation Show 10/5/2017

Guest David Concepcion and I talk about whats happening in Puerto Rico and the Las Vegas Massacre.



ON 12012016


ON 12012016
Host: Patrick Wilson
Guests: Mary Pierce, Tonya Tedesco, Antonia Foster

An informal chat with some of the folks that worked so hard on #NoOn2 ! We also discussed Donald Trump’s choice for Secretary of Education, as well as the need for more people to get involved politically on a local level.

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Occupied Nation 11242016


Occupied Nation 11242016


This week we speak with Maya Shaffer, KiiKii Ann Loban, David Concepcion and Rhodes Pierre about the impacts of a Trump Presidency.

We tape the shows on Sunday afternoons and try to have it streamable on this page.

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Occupied Nation Show 9_10_2015_0


Occupied Nation Show
Host: Patrick Wilson
Guests: Sarah Francis, Mariko Davidson, Nadeem Mazen

In this episode we discuss Afordable Housing with Cambridge City Councilman Nadeem Mazen, Cambridge City Council candidate Mariko Davidson, and Sarah Francis(CAMP, Activate Media).



Mariko Davidson

Nadeem Mazen

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The ‘Occupied Nation’ Show (9/26/2013)


On this weeks ‘Occupied Nation’ Show we spoke with Christina Gonzalez, Green Party candidate for CIty Council District 7 in NYC , who was arrested a few days ago. We also spoke with Josh Sager about the hard facts in regard to guns. And also had a very informative discussion with Terra Freidrichs about Pass Mass Amendment. We featured Leaders Led on the 4:20 Intermission, as well as covering a few other subjects.