Occupied Nation Show 6/13/2013 w/ guests Gregg Housh and Chris Maxfield

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Here is this weeks show! It includes the usual calendar of events, local music gigs, as well as a discussion in the last hour or so with Chris Mazfield and Gregg Housh, activists from Occupy Boston, on NSA surveillance, upcoming actions in Dewey Square, etc. thanks so much for all of the support! 🙂  You can listen to Occupied Nation live every thursday night from 7-10pm edt. at http://www.OBR.fm

Occupied Nation show 4/25/2013 ft. Ray Lewis, Bryan McPherson, and Sarah Sparks

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You can listen to ‘Occupied Nation’ from 4/25/2013 here. This show features Sarah Sparks, Ray Lewis, as well as musical guest Bryan McPherson on the 420 intermission. Occupied Nation airs live every thursday night from 7-10pm edt. on http://www.obr.fm ! Thanks for listening! 🙂