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The Occupied Nation show currently airs every Thursday Night at 7 pm on Ⓐctivate Radio activatemedia.org

Occupied Nation has been broadcasting since 2012 on Occupy Boston Radio, and now on Ⓐctivate Radio. The show is centered around politics/social justice issues that effect people worldwide.   More to come…..

Occupied Nation Show 9_3_2015

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Fall 2015 premier of the Occupied Nation Show. Guest: Matteo Bergamini, founder of Shoutout UK. We discuss the organization, it’s recent film opening @ Parliament, as well as upcoming projects.

The Occupied Nation Show airs live every Thursday evening at 7pm eastern time.on Activate Radio http://www.activatemedia.org

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Is Donald Trump a Provocateur?

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by: Patrick Wilson

Not only does Donald Trump’s Campaign Bully Republican candidates into a corner, but it creates a spectacle of the political party.

After a collection of gems at the announcement of his presidential candidacy, Donald Trump has spoken again. After impressing upon us that he is “really rich” and a war hawk, he now apparently questions the validity of John McCain’s status as a “war hero”. In statements on the campaign trail in Iowa, Donald Trump has managed to offend most of the republican party.

One has to wonder at the cunning skill displayed by a candidate with no intention of winning any nomination, isolating the balance of republican candidates bidding for nomination in the 2016 presidential election. As witnessed this past week in the media, other candidates have all given more support for immigration, and have all sprinted farther to the right in a competition against workers rights and to show that each is a bigger war hawk than the other.

Democratic candidates could not wish for a better gift than Donald Trump. Every time he opens his mouth he causes republican candidates to react. The effect, is defining their position on many issues that are uncomfortable for the party. It also further disenfranchises middle and working class families from the party.

With Democrats regurgitating a version of the Occupy message, and Republicans engrossed in their parties reality show spectacle complete with a carnival barker, is it far-fetched to consider the possibility of Donald Trump as a Agent Provocateur?

It sounds wacky! Consider that both parties are controlled by the same financial interests. Some might call it money well spent. While all this is quite entertaining to the majority of the population, it does not benefit them. This spectacle only draws attention away from issues that more directly effect our combined culture.

Hey, tune in for the Occupied Nation show Thursday nights @ 7pm eastern on Ⓐctivate Radio activatemedia.org

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Occupied Nation Moves back to Thursday Nights on Ⓐctivate Radio

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Occupied Nation is moving back to Thursday Night’s on Activate Radio!

Starting next week the Occupied Nation show is moving back to Thursday Night, effective July 23rd, 2015. Also making the move is The Young Jurks, a show hosted by Mike Cann based in local politics and marijuana legalization. The Occupied Nation show has broadcast for the past three years on Occupy Boston Radio and now Activate Radio. The Occupied Nation show is focused primarily on national and international issues in regard to social justice. We look forward to getting back into the swing of things on Thursday nights and also building up a full night of intriguing content. Stay Tuned, as we will be adding a third show to the mix shortly on Thursday evenings!

Occupied Nation Show from this week – 6/10/2015

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Occupied Nation Show from this week – 6/10/2015

On this weeks show we talk with Mike Ferrigan Host of Extinction Radio which airs currently at 3pm eastern time on Activate Radio (www.activate.org). Mike has also been an activist in Scotland for many years. We discuss Mikes background in activism, occupy in scotland, as well as the extinction radio show and its associated groups.
The Occupied Nation Show has been broadcast live on Occupy Boston Radio, and Activate Radio since 2012.

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This week’s Occupied Nation Show May 20th 2015 – Listen Here!

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In the UK this past week, David Cameron and his Conservative Party won the election with 63% of the population voting against them. In the time since, protests have been popping up all over the British Mainland. The people of England are protesting not only the results of the election, but the ‘Austerity’ cuts promised by Prime Minister Cameron and his Party. The broad cuts are said to include NHS, the National Rail, Pensions, Food, and Housing. On last weeks show we featured an interview with a person who was at the protest in London last weekend. We will be discussing this further this week on the show! Also on this weeks show we will have guest Sumumba Sobukwe (OWS, Occu-Evolve) will be discussing Occupy: Past. Present and Future, as well as his upcoming speaking tour! Alex Freeman joins us again this week to discuss his article  ‘Banks Admit to Libor Guilt, But the Plea is a Bargain‘ (in The Fifth Column),  and we will also have information for you on the upcoming March Against Monsanto!



Tune In on Wednesday Night 7pm eastern @ http://www.activatemedia.org



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