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The Occupied Nation show airs every Thursday Night at 7 pm on Activate Radio activatemedia.org

Occupied Nation has been broadcasting since 2012 on Occupy Boston Radio, and now on Activate Radio. The show is centered around politics/social justice issues that affect people worldwide.   At the moment the show will take the form of several recorded clips from the previous week, and it airs on Thursday Nights @ activatemedia.org.

ON 12082016



ON 12082016
Host: Patrick Wilson
Guest: Peter Bernard – Mass Growers Advocacy Council

We talk a bit about the recently passed Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational use in Massachusetts and what that means to Medical Marijuana. We also talk a bit about growing, and the history of Marijuana in the United States.

The Occupied Nation show is broadcast weekly, Thursday nights at 7pm ET activatemedia.org.

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