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Good Morning World! 11 day’s left in 2015! Tic-Tock

by: patrick wilson

Good Morning World!  11 day’s left in 2015! Tic-Tock, I really hate that myself, but can’t find a better expression really, because it’s what many of us feel at the moment for so many reasons. Whether it’s financial, family, or the overwhelming saturation of injustice in our society, we are all feeling it.  Trust that you aren’t alone.

Star Wars is out, and I’ve actually been able to avoid the spoilers I’ve heard are out there. I don’t know how much longer I’ll wait to go though🙂 Hillary Clinton even referred to it in the Democratic debates last night. Much like many others I find myself questioning whether I’ll identify as a Democrat personally from here. I do not support or have any confidence in the leadership at the DNC at this point. In the interest of transparency, I have been involved in that process in the past. I do believe that the best step forward is to encourage new candidates, no matter what party they run as. If the process itself is filled with new blood, people with agendas that come directly from the constituents that are affected by them, then representation in lower levels of government can be acheived. The key here to me is more ‘by the people, and for the people’, not Corporations and Super-Rich.

In this next year, I will be working in cooperation with others to help encourage fresh ideas and fresh candidates that bring diversity to the way we are represented/governed. Four years ago many of us gathered for a conversation, and we collectively said something, very loudly in fact. It’s time now to do something. What’s in your plan for 2016 and how are you going to make a difference?

We are all brothers and sisters. Let’s build a world that allows us all to treat each other a little more like it.🙂

I was checking out this video from Tanglewood here in Massachusetts back in 1970🙂 Really really good band before they jumped the shark, in my opinion. Love the horns🙂

Peace love and Solidarity


video courtesy of Chicago on MV on youtube. I do not own the rights to this nor claim them.

The state of Journalism in the United States of America is abysmal.



by: Patrick Wilson

The state of Journalism in the United States of America is abysmal. Once upon a time, there were biases, but those were expressed in the form of an editorial. Perhaps this is the product of memory from a generation that witnessed it. To recognize this, one has to also realize that there is a generation that may not have experienced the same.

Media have always had great power in this country, mostly exercised through coverage or lack of coverage. In our history, however, one can find instances of media being used to sway opinion with drastic circumstances. An example of this occurred in 1896 and resulted in the Spanish-American War, fought in Cuba and the Philippines. Publishers Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst used socially irresponsible reporting to push the United States into war with Spain. The term Yellow Journalism was coined during this time.

“You furnish the pictures, I’ll provide the war!” ~ William Randolph Hearst

In past years, reality-tv and its mind riveting drama has permeated most facets of our culture. The News Media have been plagued by this fixation on higher ratings. It is obvious that Foxnews and MSNBC are polarized opposites with political catering as the primary driver of their ratings. CNN however, uses the exploitation of groups/ movements like Occupy and Black Lives Matter and then condemns them.

Don Lemon (CNN Anchor) is utilized often as a black man reporting on issues involving the black community. He is used to portray a ‘sensible’ black voice. As you see in the first example below, Mr. Lemon chastises and marginalizes those speaking on behalf of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement.




The clip above shows an interaction between Avery Jackson (#aucshutitdown) and Don Lemon. Mr. Avery was a patient and polite interviewee. It was inferred by Lemon that they (Black Lives Matter) should shut up and sit down, although in a different manner than Chris Christie. Mr. Lemon was also very protective of Democratic Presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton. The admonishment Lemon gave was insulting, showing a distinct generational gap. Compare the scene above to the Principals of Journalism from CNN’s Time Warner Website referenced below. In the clip below, Mr. Lemon argues with a former prosecutor that it could be justifiable force used by the Police Officer against the female student.




By CNN’s own standards, Mr. Lemon is clearly working outside their principles of Journalistic integrity. The intentional exploitation of a youth civil rights movement as a whole in order to impress ones’ own idols, or taking the side of an argument of political candidate against their constituents seem to go against the spirit of the freedoms of press guaranteed by the Constitution.

Justification and tolerance of police brutality against children is unacceptable.

Below are the Principals from CNN’s Time Warner Website, they are linked to the page on Time Warners site.


Comprehensive Journalism


Occupied Nation Show 9_10_2015_0


Occupied Nation Show
Host: Patrick Wilson
Guests: Sarah Francis, Mariko Davidson, Nadeem Mazen

In this episode we discuss Afordable Housing with Cambridge City Councilman Nadeem Mazen, Cambridge City Council candidate Mariko Davidson, and Sarah Francis(CAMP, Activate Media).



Mariko Davidson

Nadeem Mazen

The Occupied Nation Show can be heard live on thursday nights at 7 pm eastern @ http://www.activatemedia.org

14 Years Later a remembrance of 9/11



by: Patrick Wilson

I’ll always remember the warm sunshine that morning 14 years ago. The world was far from perfect, but life was ok. I’d moved to Boston from New Hampshire in the weeks prior, was in a new relationship and thought the future looked pretty bright. We’d all seemed to have made it through Y2k without a glitch, yet at the end of this day the world was changed forever.

Between the 60 degree cuts in the massive steel columns, building 7 being “pulled”, ruins smoldering for weeks, a non-transparent investigation etc., I will never believe the official story. 2,753 people lost their lives that day in New York from 115 countries, leaving 3,051 children without parents. Several wars have been fought as a result with untold numbers of casualties.

The atrocious statistics of 9/11 are not the focus of this piece; racism, bigotry, and discrimination is. In the days following, the Unites States and arguably much of the world went through a series of emotional changes. The immediate reaction was a surge in empathetic humanity with people from many countries claiming we are all american in solidarity with the people of our grieving nation. Next was a surge in nationalistic behavior that sent most people of muslim faith and people of middle eastern decent into hiding.

There is a very long history of ignorance and racism in the United States, and 9/11 gave public acceptance of this behavior in the name of patriotism. We have long been taught to hate people from countries that have dispute with the government of our nation, and to what end? Does the indemnification and murder of an innocent human being actually solve any problems of the people of the United States. Hatred is a motivation, but not a just one.

The idea of diversity makes anything stronger, whether it be a portfolio, or in management/leadership. The United States has unfortunately exploited any diversity as slave labor. We have fought wars using immigrants, built railroads, and with slaves from Africa the very foundation of land expansion taken from indigenous people.

Today, with the murder of so many people of color at the hands of over entitled police officers and the direct refusal of this country as a whole to state that #blacklivesmatter, I don’t personally see much hope anymore. The United States does not seem the country I was raised to believe it was. It also doesn’t realize the ideal that so many have gone to war to fight for.

Can this change? Yes, but it’s not the government, or someone else that’s going to do this. It hasn’t happened yet, and it won’t. It takes, you, and I, and every other person that has any inkling of morality in them to actually do something about it to make the change that would benefit us all.

As we think back on the horrors of that day 14 years ago, and consider the compounded carnage that it has wrought, perhaps we can look at the entire picture and make a change in our individual lives that can collectively make a difference.


photo credit: slagheap